Increase Your Profit with Our Suggested Home Improvements

The Maraia Group has extensive knowledge in pre-marketing preparation of properties in divorce situations. Our team of contractors, haulers, landscapers and cleaners can take care of most adverse defects, debris or repairs that may hinder the sale of a property.

The Maraia Group can facilitate a successful estate sale.

Many families are emotionally frozen - unsure of what to do with their loved one's belongings given their sentimental value.
Disposing of these possessions is often an obstacle in bringing the estate closer to final settlement. When the need arises, The Maraia Group can help coordinate a successful estate sale or refer you to reliable appraisers and other professionals that will sell the late homeowner's possessions in the most efficient and dignified manner.
The estate may realize tax advantages by donating any unclaimed assets and possessions to charity. Check with your tax professional.




Does the property require significant repairs to be sold in a competitive market? Consider selling to one of our investor clients.

Over the years, we have forged good working relationships with investors that appreciate the opportunity to purchase homes of any condition. That avoids the hassles of fixing it up. This is a viable option when the property suffers from neglect, or the parties are in need of immediate liquidity to pay for taxes, attorney fees and other urgent expenses.



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